Executive Director

Clothing Industry Training Authority strives to be a prominent professional training institute for the fashion industry. I am pleased that the Authority is pursuing this goal relentlessly with much achievement during the year.

Technological advancement and globalization brought about face-lifting changes in traditional jobs and their work modes. In response, the Authority has developed a host of new programmes to better equip students with relevant skills and knowledge to cope with new challenges in the job market. During the year, the Authority delivered a new programme titled Higher Diploma in Digital Fashion Creation in collaboration with Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education for the development of digital fashion design. It aims at providing students with knowledge and skills of digital fashion design. Students can be well possessed with the skills catering for the job requirements and further studies after graduation through work experience and interaction with the industry. Digital Fashion Lab, equipped with the cutting-edge 3D design and virtual garments system in the market, has been set up for the implementation of the new Higher Diploma programme. The lab, which facilitates the teaching of 3D fashion design and experiencing the virtual prototype manufacturing process, offers a better 3D fashion design and virtual prototyping environment.

In 2018, we continued our effort in promoting vocational professional training to the community. WorldSkills Hong Kong Competition was held in June 2018 with four winners selected. The Authority offered intensive training to 3 of the winners for enhancing their technical know-how as they would represent Hong Kong to participate in the 10thGuangzhou / Hong Kong / Macao / Chengdu Youth Skills Competition (GHMCYSC) in October 2018 in Macau. One of them will finally be selected to attend WorldSkills Competition held in Kazan, Russia in August 2019. Contestant NG Pui Yu won the Merit Prize in the 10th GHMCYSC.

Consensus was reached within the industry after a 3-month consultation for the Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) compiled for the fashion industry. The first phase of the project comprising of six functional areas, i.e. Design, Product Development, Merchandising and Material Procurement, Sales and Marketing, Quality System and Sustainability, and Personnel Management, was officially launched in October. The SCS serves as useful benchmarks and references for the industry which explicitly draw up skills, knowledge and competency standards required for the practitioners to perform various job functions. The Authority may proceed with the compilation work for the second phase of the project with a focus on the areas of Production Planning and Control, Material Development, Auxiliary services and Laundry services.

The Authority was commissioned by the Hong Kong Knitwear Exporters and Manufacturers Association to conduct a study named as “To establish a re-industrialization technology roadmap for SMEs of the Hong Kong Textile and Fashion Industry”, with a view to facilitating information flow across the local industry. Through the understanding of the global material development and technology application trend together with the identification of the current technology and capability gap of the local industry, the study report concludes the existing structure of the manufacturing of Hong Kong and the definition of the global technology trend. The report suggests three directions for the development concerning re-industrialization of the Hong Kong fashion industry, which includes Digitalized manufacturing and business models, Circular economy and resource efficiency, and High value-added solutions. We recommend the industry to formulate the future business regarding the above directions where appropriate.

I am confident that the endeavours of the Authority, with the unfailing support of the board members, partners and the government, can drive the industry to boost competitiveness and provide a large pool of talents with technical expertise in the local industry.