3D Technology for Fashion Creation

Start DateDurationCourse FeeApplication
--42 hours (includes 24hrs lecture, project & 18hrs practice sessions)HK$7,700apply

This programme is a registered public training course under RTTP, the approved training grant for each eligible trainee is up to HK$5,133. More details: https://rttp.vtc.edu.hk/en/home 

It provides students with the basic knowledge and skills in applying 3D CAD software for fashion creation.

Course features
There are lectures, demonstration and practical sessions that equip participants with the basic knowledge and skills of applying 3D technology in fashion creation. In the project session, the participants will be guided to create the virtual garments from fashion design idea in selected product categories. In the self-practice session, the participants will be provided with facilities and professional support in an ample time period so that they could practice and apply 3D technology on their own.

Through this process of lecture-project-self practice, it is expected that the participants will acquire the skillset in the most efficient manner.

Course Structure

This course is structured in two sessions: (1) lecture and demonstration; (2) Projects

  1. Application of 3D CAD for fashion
  2. 3D operating environment
  3. Virtual garment simulation
  4. 3D design features
  5. Fitting on virtual mannequin

Course Outline


1Introduction to 3D CAD in fashion industry

  • What is 3D CAD and its application in fashion product development?
  • Features of 3D CAD
  • 3D concept
2Operating environment

  • Navigation
  • Simulation
  • File import and export
  • etc.

Introduction to 3D garment making

3Workflow of making 3D garment

  • Preparing patterns
  • Sewing
  • Arranging patterns
  • Simulating

 Pattern preparation and editing


  • Concept of fabric
  • Texture
  • Type
  • Colours

3D design with fabric effects

5Special features

  • Fold
  • Pleat
  • Collar

3D garment making


  • Stitch
  • Button
  • Elastic
  • etc.

3D design with embellishment


  • Avatar
  • Pose
  • Hair
  • Shoes

Background and rendering

83D Garment Projects

  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Dress
93D Garment Projects 


Time:24 hrs lecture & project session: 7:00pm to 10:00pm ; 18 hrs practice session
Language:Cantonese with English handouts
Target Student:Pattern designer, Fashion designer, Technical personnel or those who are interested
  • Limited to 14 students on a first-come-first-served basis. However, the Authority reserves the right to reject applications, and in which case, the tuition fee will be refunded in full.
  • Those who have basic pattern knowledge are preferable.


Contact Person:Mr. Chen / Ms. Wong
Phone:2263 6386 / 22636323