Garment and Denim Washing

TEX6 Garment and Denim Washing
Start Date Duration Course Fee
-- 9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours)

It develops students’ general understanding of the principles and practices of garment and denim washing

Course Content

  • Garment washing:
    • Introduction of different washing methods (include general wash, stone wash, sand wash, enzyme wash, pigment wash, acid wash, silicone wash, denim wash etc.)
    • Classification of enzymes for garment washing
    • Factors affect garment washing effect (include temperature, pH, time, fastness of dyes, chemicals etc.)
  • Denim washing:
    • Denim production
    • Yarn dyed with slasher and rope dyeing machines
    • Sizing and de-sizing method
    • Washing methods (include general wash, stone wash, enzyme wash, chlorine wash, acid wash, monkey wash, etc.)
    • Other washing techniques (include cat whisky, sand blasting, laser etc.)
  • Practical:
    • Enzyme wash on denim fabrics
    • Chlorine wash, acid wash and tinting on denim
    • Bio-Polishing on 100% cotton knitted fabrics
    • Application of different softeners on cotton material
    • Wrinkle free on 100% cotton material


Pre-requisite TEX1 and TEX4
Validity Period 10 years
Medium of Instruction Chinese (supplemented with English teaching materials)


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