Sustainable Fashion Making Workshop

Start Date Duration Course Fee Application
-- 6 sessions (3 hours / session) 3 Days (6 sessions) HK$1,700
2 Days (4 sessions) HK$1,200
1 Day (2 sessions) HK$600

Do you want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and make your wardrobe more sustainable?

This workshop  provides you some ideas and techniques as to do it. We apply the concepts of Reduce – Recycle – Repair in reducing waste when making fashionable yet sustainable garments.

Reduce sessions:

We used to have much wastage in the process of making garments especially on the use of fabric. Now you will learn in these sessions how to make a stylish zero waste top.

Recycle sessions:

Shirt or blouse is a common fashion item in our wardrobe. You will learn how to recycle it when you don’t want it anymore. You will have to know how a shirt is constructed and then you can deconstruct it. We aim to reconstruct two to three new fashion garments after the deconstruction.

(Remarks: In order to join these sessions, you should possess basic sewing skills or have joined the Reduce sessions.)

Repair sessions:

If a garment is broken, can we think of a way to prolong its life instead of throwing it away? You will learn a fashionable hand embroidery technique in repairing a broken garment. Different from the traditional repair, this technique creates a new look to the part that has been repaired.

(Remarks: You may bring your own garment.)

You may take All or any one of these sessions (daily basis).


Date  : Reduce sessions: —

Recycle sessions: —

Repair sessions  : —

Medium of Instruction: Chinese
Fee: 3 Days (6 sessions):  HK$1,700

2 Days (4 sessions): HK$1,200

1 Day (2 sessions)  : HK$600

Max. class size: 10


Contact Person Miss Chan
Phone 2263 6340