Textile Finishing

TEX5 Textile Finishing
Start Date Duration Course Fee
-- 9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours) HK$2,970

It provides students with basic knowledge of textile finishing and its effects on textile materials

Course Content

  • Importance of textile finishing as an after-treatment in the overall textile wet processing
  • Classification of finishing processes based on the effects intended and the resultant performance obtained: stabilizing, textural and functional
  • Finishing methods to achieve various effects (e.g. dimensional stability, shrinkage control, appearance, handle, easy care, serviceability and durability, resistance to environmental agency, specific protection functions.)
  • Recent technical development and current ecological practice of textile finishing processes




Pre-requisite NIL
Validity Period NIL
Medium of Instruction Chinese (supplemented with English teaching materials)


Contact Ms. Erica Yuen
Tel 2263 6327
email ericayuen@cita.org.hk