[FREE online course] HK Love HK Health Fabric Face Mask Making (FULL)

This course is sponsored by the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme 2020. You will donate your hand made fabric face mask to elderly


2020-12-18 - 10:00


2020-12-18 - 17:30


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The course takes the students through the journey of making a  fabric face mask.  Students will get the face mask making materials before the course time.  In the online course, they will see the demonstration and follow the instructions of the instructor in cutting the patterns and sewing two fabric face masks.  One is for yourself, another one will be donated to Homes for the Aged (if applicable).

We need YOU! Join and support this course!


  • Instruction to fabric face mask
  • Fabric cutting
  • Sew up TWO fabric face masks

Students should send their fabric face mask with pattern to CITA by mail for donation.


  • Completed CITA sewing courses or equivalent

Remark: If you have no sewing experience or sewing machine at home, you can hand sewing the fabric mask and you should prepare needles and thread.



Date :
  • 1st class: 2 Dec 2020 (FULL)
  • 2nd class: 4 Dec 2020 (FULL)
  • 3rd class: 7 Dec 2020 (FULL)
  • 4th class: 9 Dec 2020 (FULL)
  • 5th class: 11 Dec 2020 (FULL)
  • 6th class: 14 Dec 2020 (FULL)
  • 7th class: 16 Dec 2020 (FULL)
  • 8th class: 18 Dec 2020 (FULL)


10:00am – 10:15am Introduction to training materials (Zoom)

10:15am – 5:15pm Training Video

5:15pm- 5:30pm Sharing your fabric face mask with Lecturer (Zoom)

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Set-up requirement:
  • A desktop computer or notebook computer
  • Sewing tools (including awl, scissors, sewing needles, etc.)
  • A sewing machine at home
Online platform:   Zoom
Course Fee:  Free of charge
Medium of Instruction: Chinese (Cantonese)
Class size: Each class is limited to 19 students on a first-come-first-served basis.

This course is sponsored by the HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme 2020