Course CodeCourse NameDurationStart Date
19K EMSMJ 061Enhanced Men’s Suit Making (Jacket)60 hours (3 hours / session)2019-06-21
19K EQPM 041Enhanced Traditional Qipao Making9 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-04-29
19K MSD 071 Fundamental Men’s Suit Drafting39 hours (3 hours / session)2019-07-17
19K MSM 051 Fundamental Men’s Suit Making90 hours (3 hours / session)2019-05-21
19K SB 071Handmade Footwear : Short Boots10 sessions (3 or 4 hours/session)2019-07-29
19K LCW 041 Leather Craft (Wallet)2 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-04-18
19K SHO1 041 Practical Shoemaking22 sessions (2.5 or 3 hours/session)2019-04-01
EMSMTEnhanced Men’s Suit Making (Trousers and Vest)60 hours (3 hours / session)
FEW Footwear Extension Workshop12 sessions, (3 hours/session)
HFWHandmade Footwear: Loafer11 sessions (3 hours/session)
QPM Introduction to the Making of Traditional Qipao8 sessions (3 hours/session)
LSM Leather Sandal Making2 sessions (3 hours/session)