Project and Counsultancy

The Authority offers professional industry consultancy and technical support services to assist the industry to sustain its competitive edge in the global market. These services cover: quality system enhancement, industrial engineering applications to improve garment production efficiency and merchandising process improvements, etc. Our experienced professional team partner with our clients to deliver customised solutions that create lasting value and competitive advantage.

Utilising proven industry experience and functional expertise, the Authority extends beyond standard solutions to develop creative insights, mobilize organisations, drive quantifiable solutions, and make our clients more competent and capable to solve their toughest challenges.

Highlights of some of our successful projects:

  • Higg Index 2.0 Advisory Training
  • 3D Modelling Pattern Design for Costume Training Project
  • Intensive Course in Sweater Design for Sweater Merchandiser
  • Technical Knowledge Enhancement Training Project for Senior Level Merchandisers
  • Effective Negotiation Tactics and Skills Training Project for Merchandisers
  • Tailor-made Integrated Coaching Project for the Sewing Staff
  • Productivity Enhancement Services Project for a Sportswear & Gear Manufacturer
  • Tailor-made Six Sigma Skills Training Project for Fashion Business Analysis