If students have always wanted to make their own fashion dress or would love to develop their pattern design and sewing skills, this series of workshop is for them. This series of dressmaking will take students through the whole process of dressmaking using a basic dress pattern from introducing students to manipulate and alter the basic block to create and make their own styled dress.

Programme feature

Upon completion of dressmaking courses, students may apply for CITA transcript which provides the latest record of student’s learning in dressmaking.

*Application fee would be waived for first application.
*Application fee is required for second and subsequent applications/updates.
*The transcript in English version only.

The transcript sample as below:


Workshops provided

Course Code Course Name Duration Start Date
18K MQM 081 Dressmaking: Modern Qipao 6 sessions (3 hours/session) 2018-08-11
18K DWSS 051 Dressmaking: Ruffle Dress 5 sessions (3 hours/session) 2018-05-26
18K DMWS 061 Dressmaking: Skirt 4 sessions (3 hours/session) 2018-06-02
18K QPM 061 Introduction to the Making of Traditional Qipao 8 sessions (3 hours/session) 2018-06-06
DMWC Dressmaking: Culottes 6 sessions (3 hours/session)