Official Launch of the Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) for the Fashion Industry

Clothing Industry Training Authority has been appointed by the Fashion Industry Training Advisory Committee and Qualifications Framework Secretariat to be the professional writer of the Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) for the Fashion Industry.

With the great support of the industry and the active participation of a total of 70 companies and more than 350 practitioners in the project, the SCS has been completed.

The SCS is a collection of competencies, each of which establishes the benchmark and capability for applying a set of knowledge, skills and professional attributes to perform a task effectively in a given work environment. It is intended for use by employers, employees, training providers, and other stakeholders of the Hong Kong fashion industry and provides the competency standards for performing different work tasks and functions in the industry.

The SCS is officially launched and can be downloaded from the Qualifications Framework websites below:

Project Team:
Prof. K.W. Yeung
Dr. Betty Li
Ms. Erica Yuen
Mr. C.Y. Luk
Ms. Gail Taylor (Editor for English version)
Ms. Kingsley Xu (Editor for Chinese version)