All Study Mission Talk Conference Seminar Workshop

Processing and Knowledge of Pretreatment, Dyeing, Finishing and Printing on Textiles

In view of the importance of knowledge of dyeing and pre-processing to practitioners in textile industry, the Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel (HKITA) and the Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA) co-organize below course, which invites professional in this industry to teach students theoretically based on the practical knowledge and experiences.

At 09:00
Clothing Industry Training Authority, 63 Tai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay

Seminar on “Stepping Into The Cleaner Production Age”

Hong Kong Society of Dyers and Colourists
Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel
Hong Kong Woollen & Synthetic Knitting Manufacturers' Association

Supporting organisations:
Clothing Industry Training Authority
The Textile Institute

At 14:00
Lecture Hall, 1/F, Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA)