Short Course
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The Authority provides different types of non-award bearing short courses which normally do not require candidates to meet entrance requirement. There is no formal assessment, but certificate of attendance will be issued to a student who gets 70% class attendance.

The modules under  Footwear can be enrolled as individual short course without the admission of the scheme. Please also refer to Certificate in Footwear for details.


ContactMs. Chan
Phone2263 6340

Courses provided

Course CodeCourse NameDurationStart Date
20K SEW 011Learn to Sew in 3 Days (Shirt)6 sessions (3 hours/session)2020-01-29
20K SEWD 011Level D – Sewing Course (Basic level)6 sessions (3 hours/session)2020-01-04
19K BDS 121Basic Draping Skill5 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-12-07
19K EM 121 Embellishment1 session (3 hours/session)2019-12-14
19K ETKLP 111 Essential Textile Knowledge for Laundry Professionals4 sessions (2.5 hours/session)2019-11-06
19K SHO4 101Footwear Leather8 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and
1-day leather factory visit in China (9 hours)
(Attendance at this visit is not necessary for completing this course.)
19K QPM 111Introduction to the Making of Traditional Qipao8 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-11-18
19K LMP 101Learn to Make Pattern in 3 Days6 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-10-16
19K SEWIJ 121Learn to Sew in 3 Days (Lined Jacket)6 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-12-11
19K SEW 111Learn to Sew in 3 Days (Pants)6 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-11-13
19K SEW 101 Learn to Sew in 3 Days (Shirt)6 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-10-12
19K LCW 121 Leather Craft (Wallet)2 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-12-23
19K LHDM 101Leather Handbag Design and Making8 sessions (2.5 hours / session)2019-10-24
19K LHM 121Leather Handbag Making3 sessions (3 hours / session)2019-12-19
19K SEWD 121Level D – Sewing Course (Basic level)6 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-12-16
19K SEWD 111Level D – Sewing Course (Basic level)6 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-11-02
19K SEWD 091 Level D – Sewing Course (Basic level) – Full6 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-09-25
19K SHO1 121Practical Shoemaking22 sessions (2.5 or 3 hours/session)2019-12-09
19K CAW5 091Professional Clothing Alteration6 modules (Total: 21 sessions) / (3 hours/session)2019-09-26
19K SRFD 101 Seamstress: Realising fashion design10 sessions (3 hours / session)2019-10-12
BHBBucket Hat and Bag Making5 sessions (3 hours/session)
DM Darts Manipulation4 sessions (3 hours/session)
DMCC Dressmaking: Cape Coat5 sessions (3 hours/session)
DMWC Dressmaking: Culottes6 sessions (3 hours/session)
DLB Dressmaking: Long blouse3 sessions (3 hours/session)
DWSS Dressmaking: Ruffle Dress5 sessions (3 hours/session)
DMWS Dressmaking: Skirt4 sessions (3 hours / session)
SD Dressmaking: Sleeveless Cocoon Dress2 sessions (3 hours/session)
EQPM Enhanced Traditional Qipao Making9 sessions (3 hours/session)
FES Fitting Evaluation and Solution10 sessions (2.5/3 hours/session)
FEW Footwear Extension Workshop12 sessions, (3 hours/session)
TEX6 Garment and Denim Washing9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours)
SB Handmade Footwear : Short Boots10 sessions (3 or 4 hours/session)
HFWHandmade Footwear: Loafer11 sessions (3 hours/session)
IDRInfinity Dress3 sessions (3 hours/session)
SEW Learn to Sew in 3 Days (Shorts)6 sessions (3 hours/session)
LSM Leather Sandal Making2 sessions (3 hours/session)
SEWC Level C- Sewing Course (Proficient level)8 sessions (3 hours/session)
PDM Prom Dress Making8 sessions (3 hours/session)
TEX3Quality Evaluation for Textile and Apparel Products9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours)
RFDI Realising Fashion Design Idea10 sessions (3 hours/session)
RF Ruffles and Flounces4 sessions (3 hours/session)
TDSSTechnical Design and Sample Specifications8 sessions (3 hours/session)
TEK Technical Essentials of Knickers4 sessions (3 hours/session)
TEX4 Textile Dyeing and Printing9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours)
TEX5 Textile Finishing9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours)