The Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA) was established according to the Industry Training (Clothing Industry) Ordinance to provide support to the fashion industry. Over the years, we have been making changes in different aspects to cope with the development of the industry. We invest in world-class facilities, establish competency standards for the industry, connect with fashion organisations to enhance competitiveness, and extend our community reach. We need a professional training and project team to support our diversified services to the fashion industry and the community.

Now we are now looking for the following professionals to join our team:

Part-time Lecturer (3D Fashion Design/Apparel Production/Knitting/Pattern Making/Sewing/Shoemaking/Technical Design)

CITA specialises in providing clothing-related training to support the development of the Hong Kong clothing industry. We have established ourselves as a hub of exchanging knowledge among clothing professionals. For over 45 years, this hub has gathered professionals in different areas.

At the core of this hub, there is a strong team of teaching professionals who could deliver professional courses especially in technical areas. You are welcome to apply for the post of part time lecturer at any time if you get the following qualities:

  • Passion to share your knowledge and skill
  • Over 10 years of working experience in the clothing industry
  • Ability to teach efficiently and effectively

Job Duties:

  • Course planning
  • Development of teaching and learning materials
  • Course delivery and assessment

Subject Areas:

  • 3D Fashion Design (CLO / Browzwear)
  • Apparel Production
  • Knitting
  • Pattern Making
  • Sewing
  • Shoemaking
  • Technical Design

Programme Officer / Manager (Textile Training)

CITA specialises in clothing training and are working on different types of training related projects. We are looking for the right candidate to join our training team.


  • Develop training courses
  • Conduct research in investigating training needs
  • Liaise with different parties in developing and organizing training courses
  • Assist in developing training and assessment materials


  • A Degree holder in Textile / Clothing related discipline
  • Experience in doing research
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English and Chinese
  • Plan to develop a career in training
  • Experience in training is an advantage
  • Candidate with less experience will be considered as Programme Officer
  • Immediate available is preferred

The Assessment Agency is a Division of CITA to conduct the assessment for the fashion industry under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) mechanism of the Qualifications Framework (QF). We are looking for Assessors and Internal Verifiers for the following Assessment topics:

  • Component sewing (QFLevel 1)
  • Simple garment sewing (QF Level 2)
  • Complex garment sewing (QF Level 3)
  • Pattern making (QF Level 2)
  • Pattern making (QF Level 3)
  • Draping (QF Level 3)
  • Fabric laying and cutting (QF Level 2)
  • Measuring, laying, and cutting materials for tailored garment (QF Level 3)
  • Producing tailored garments (QF Level 3)
  • Fashion sample making (QF Level 3)
  • Design drawing (QF Level 3)
  • Sample checking (QF Level 2)
  • Inspection (QF Level 3)
  • Pre-cleaning preparation (QF Level 2)
  • Pre-cleaning preparation (QF Level 4)
  • Stain removal (QF Level 4)
  • Dry-cleaning (QF Level 1)
  • Laundering (Washing machine) (QF Level 1)
  • Ironing (Iron) (QF Level 3)
  • Ironing (Pressing machine) (QF Level 3)
  • Inspecting results of cleaning and finishing (QF Level 2)
  • Packaging (QF Level 2)
  • Laundry customer services (QF Level 3)
  • Laundry customer services (QF Level 4)
  • Laundry workplace safety and maintenance (QF Level 3)
  • Garment repair and alteration (QF Level 2)
  • Garment repair and alteration (QF Level 3)



  • Assesses a candidate’s performance and related knowledge in a range of assessment tasks for the purpose of ensuring that the competence demonstrated meets the standards set
  • Provides advice and guidance for candidates on the identification of relevant learning experience and the assembly of valid evidence
  • Ensures candidates are aware of their personal responsibility for the collection and presentation of evidence
  • Agrees with each candidate on an assessment plan
  • Explains the assessment process to candidates
  • Follows the assessment guidance provided by the Assessment Agency (AA), Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC) or Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ)
  • Observes candidates’ performance in the workplace and/or in simulated conditions and/or conducting assessment in other forms
  • Records all questions used and answers given for the purposes of meeting evidence requirements
  • Ensures the evidence presented by the candidate is sufficient and makes assessment decisions against the standards for awarding the qualification
  • Provides candidates with prompt, accurate, and constructive feedback
  • Agrees with candidates on new assessment plans where further evidence is required
  • Provides advice for candidates on assessment requirements and further learning when needed
  • Maintains records of candidates’ achievement using standard documentation and lodges the records with Assessment Secretary
  • Keeps up-to-date with current industrial practices, the standards against which assessments are undertaken, and the quality assurance procedures of AA
  • Be available for discussion with Internal Verifier and/or External Verifier
  • Explains the assessment marking and results, discusses with the Internal Verifier in case of appeal


  • a recognized bachelor’s degree in related disciplines (e.g., textile and clothing), and at least 5 years of relevant teaching, and/or industrial experience
  • Or (ii) a sub-degree in related disciplines, and at least 8 years of relevant teaching and/or industrial experience
  • Or (iii) a non-degree with at least 10 years of relevant teaching and/or industrial experience
  • Possess assessment knowledge and/or experience

Internal Verifier


  • Monitors the work of all Assessors involved with a particular qualification to ensure the accuracy and consistency of assessment activities and decisions
  • Ensures Assessors follow the assessment guidance provided
  • Advises and supports Assessors to assist them in interpreting and applying the assessment requirements correctly and consistently
  • Ensures the consistency of assessment decisions by checking a sample of at least 10% of the assessments, by such means as direct observation of assessment activities, review of assessment methods and records, etc.
  • Checks a high proportion of the assessment decisions made by new Assessors and provides mentoring for such Assessor
  • Provides Assessors with prompt, accurate, and constructive feedback on their assessment decisions
  • Maintains up-to-date records of internal verification and sampling activities and ensures these are lodged with Assessment Secretary
  • Organizes regular meetings with all those involved in assessments
  • Facilitates development and training of Assessors
  • Ensures all candidates’ assessment records and documentation are properly completed
  • Validates assessment methods and materials
  • Examines the assessment materials and results, discusses with the respective Assessor, or re-marks the assessment(s) if necessary, in case of appeal


  • a recognized bachelor’s degree in related disciplines (e.g., textile and clothing), and at least 5 years of relevant teaching, and/or industrial experience
  • Or (ii) a sub-degree in related disciplines, and at least 8 years of relevant teaching and/or industrial experience
  • Or (iii) a non-degree with at least 10 years of relevant teaching and/or industrial experience
  • Possess assessment knowledge and/or experience

Project Assistant

The Authority will organise a series of fashion events. It would be an excellent opportunity for those who would like to develop their event planning and management careers.


  • Support and assist the Project Manager and Project Executive in planning and management of events
  • Assist in project coordination, including administration & documentation support
  • Assist in arranging the logistics for all the project activities, e.g. study delegation air tickets and hotels accommodation
  • Provide marketing support, including maintenance of social media and website when needed
  • Support for venue set-up, stage production and dismantling
  • Perform ad-hoc duties assigned as necessary


  • University degree holder or equivalent preferred but not compulsory, major in Marketing / Communication / Event Management is an advantage
  • Strong sense and attention to details
  • Good time management and organisational skills
  • Good command of spoken and written English and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)
  • Proficient in MS Office


Full resume with a cover letter including your expertise, your proposed teaching area (for application of PT Lecturer only), earliest date available, contact telephone number, your current and expected salary, should be mailed to the Human Resources and Administration Department, Clothing Industry Training Authority, 63 Tai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon or by e-mail to

The information provided will only be used for consideration of your application. Applicants not invited for interview within one month may consider their applications unsuccessful and the applications will be retained by the Authority for a maximum period of six months.