Hello, Fashion Summit (HK) 2023

Fashion Summit (HK) 2023
Sustainability Tour on Wetlands Conservation

CITA Guided Tour 2023 Highlight

Fashion Summit (HK) 2022
Fashion Sustainability Mission: 3D Virtual Fashion Journey

Fashion Summit (HK) 2022
Fashion Sustainability Mission: Explore Sustainability in Apparel & Textiles

Fashion Summit (HK) 2022
Designers' Sharing: Our Sustainable Fashion Journey

Fashion Summit (HK) 2022
Sustainable Fashion Showcase @ CENTRESTAGE 2022

Sustainable Fashion Show 2022 Highlight

Fashion Summit (HK) 2022
"Eco-Friendly Packaging in Fashion" Seminar

Fashion Summit (HK) 2022
Fashion Sustainability Mission: Digital Knits Design Tour

Learn to Sew in 3 Days (Pants)- Sewing Story

"Fashion" Technology Showcase

Clothing Industry Training Authority: Keeping up with fashion creation

Fashion Summit (HK) 2021 Highlight

Facebook Live: Lecturer Interview Series I
(Chinese version only)

Facebook Live: CITA new short courses
(Chinese version only)

Webinar on “How Virtual Sampling Transforms Supply Chains of the World's Fashion Industry”

Fashion Summit (HK) 2021: “DIY Sustainable Dyeing” Workshop

New courses are coming soon

Digital Cosplay Costume

Course Development - Learn to sew in 3 days (Lined Bags)

Face mask making

Fundamental Men's Suit Making

Practical Shoemaking

A pair of conformable and glamour shoes is the art of fantastic craftsmanship. This video will show you the art of shoemaking.

CITA offers Certificate in Footwear (Design) which provides fundamental knowledge and practices of the footwear design and shoemaking.

Kid’s Shoemaking Workshop allows participants to acquire the techniques in making exquisite kid’s leather shoes flourished with smart look and simplicity.