Certificate in Footwear
To Learn the Product Development & Craftsmanship of Footwear

In addition to appreciating the design of shoes, we also need to understand their production techniques. Professional craftsmanship can produce comfortable and beautiful shoes.
This course will teach students the knowledge and techniques of making shoes with leather.

Programme Details

Medium of Instruction: Chinese
Duration: 7 months (approx.)
Application: apply
Remarks: Students may take “Practical Shoemaking” and “Footwear Leather” individually as short courses. They are not required to apply for the course admission and to join the course assessment. “Attendance Certificate” will be issued to those attaining at least 70% of classes.

Entry Requirements

  • Completion of secondary education or equivalent qualifications; or
  • Mature applicants with related work experience (at the discretion CITA)


Tel: 2263 6300

Programme Structure

Course Code Course Name Duration Start Date Difficulty Level
24K SHO4 071 Footwear Leather 8 sessions (2.5 hours/session) 2024-07-19 (Fri) N/A
24K SHO1 081 Practical Shoemaking 11 sessions (5 or 6 hours/session), total 64 hours 2024-08-03 (Sat) N/A