Diploma in Fashion Product Development
Professional practice of product development

The programme equips students with competence in developing fashion products that are commercially and technical viable. Students will learn the latest knowledge and skills in the area of textile materials, fashion design, pattern design, clothing production and computer application.

Upon completion of the programme, student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the professional practice in fashion industry.
  • Demonstrate an ability to create marketable and producible fashion designs.
  • Demonstrate an ability to transform (or realise) fashion design ideas into products.
  • Use a common language for effective communication among different parties of the fashion supply chain.



  1. This course has been included in the list of reimbursable courses under Continuing Education Fund.
  2. This course is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level 3)

Programme Information

Exemption Policy Holders of recognized and comparable qualifications may be entitled to exemption from some modules of the programmes. This means that the students do not need to undertake the same or similar module(s) again.
Maximum Number of Exemptions The maximum exemption to be granted is six modules.
Application Deadline 17 Feb 2023
Medium of Instruction Chinese (supplemented with English teaching materials)
Tuition Fee HK$2,700 per module (total 12 modules)

Payable by monthly installments:
1st installment: HK$900
2nd installment: HK$900
3rd installment: HK$900

Application apply
Remarks -The minimum attendance requirement for each module is 70% (examination (if any) will be counted in the calculation of class attendance). The passing mark for each module is 50. A student who successfully completes all the modules required under the programme will be entitled to the diploma award.

-Students have to prepare their own necessary tools which cost about HK$200

Entry Requirements

The minimum entrance requirements to the programmes are:

  • Completion of secondary education or equivalent; OR
  • Mature applicants over the age of 23 with at least 2 years of relevant work experience and a pass in admission test and/or interview will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Contact Miss Au
Tel 2263 6335

Programme Structure

Course Code Course Name Duration Start Date Difficulty Level
23K PAT5 021 3D Modelling and Technical Fashion Design 10 sessions (2.5 hours/session) 2023-02-25 (Sat) N/A
APP8 Apparel Construction and Production 9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours) N/A
APP7 Apparel Trimmings 9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours) N/A
FDE3 CAD for Fashion Design and Merchandising 10 sessions (2.5 hours/session) N/A
PAT8 Computer Application in Pattern Design, Grading and Marker Planning 10 sessions (2.5 hours/session) N/A
MER5 Fashion Product Development 10 sessions (2.5 hours/session) N/A
23K PAT1 021 Fundamental Pattern Construction 9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours) 2023-02-09 (Thu) N/A
TEX2 Knit Product Manufacturing 9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours) N/A
23K TEX1 021 Knowledge of Materials 9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours) 2023-02-28 (Tue) N/A
23K FDE2 021 Principles of Fashion Design 10 sessions (2.5 hours/session) 2023-02-20 (Mon) N/A
23K APP5 021 Sewing Practice 9 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and 1 examination (2.5 hours) 2023-02-24 (Fri) N/A
23K APP6 021 Sewing Project 10 sessions (2.5 hours/session) 2023-02-25 (Sat) N/A