Mr. Yeung Fan

The Authority has made important progress towards realising its vision of being a professional training institute for fashion industry. I am very pleased that we have continued to pursue excellence in training, and to nurture distinctive technical elites for the development of the local fashion industry.

Nurturing Talents

In the era of globalization and “Industry 4.0”, we see the dramatic socio-economic transformation due to the application of automation and artificial intelligence. Technological advancement and globalization have led to the structural change of traditional job natures and modes. Our mission is to equip talents for the industry with right skills and mindsets to compete in this fast-changing world.  In this connection, the Authority has offered various kinds of courses with modular approach, which target to improve the core competence of students with relevant skills and knowledge. To improve the quality of teaching and training, the Authority continues to invest in new initiatives, infrastructure and latest technology.

Industrial Development

The Authority continues to implement the recommendations made by the “Advisory Group on Implementation of Fashion Initiatives” to drive the development of the fashion industry. The first move was the establishment of Sample Development Centre. The Centre not only provides garment prototyping services for local fashion design SME. It also offers work places, machines and facilities to support for the start-ups to realise their design collections. The Centre also provides a communication platform between designers and professionals on product development techniques. The Authority works closely with the industry on the business development and design promotion, and facilitates the interaction between designers and related stakeholders.

The Authority is developing Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) for major functional areas of the fashion industry. The industry showed great support and a total of 70 companies and more than 350 practitioners involved in this project. In preparing the SCS, references have been made to scholarly work, well-established competency models as well as competency standards from other industries and countries. By the end of the year, the development was completed, the SCS for the fashion industry will be officially launched after public consultations.

Sustainability is one of the hot topics which draws public attention, the industry also follows the same direction. The Authority has promoted the concepts of sustainability and implemented practical measures through a series of projects and activities so that the enterprises can increase production efficiency, reduce wastages, save resources, recycle materials and well protect the environment. During the year, the sustainable project of the Activity-based Water Footprint Model (AWFM) was completed. It is expected that the licenses could be issued soon. Besides, the Activity-based Carbon Footprint Model (ACFM), which had been developed years ago, has received extensive support from the industry.  More than 60 companies received system training and adopted this model in measuring the carbon footprint for their products.

Facilities Advancement

We continue to invest in hardware and software for providing a dynamic learning experience to students. During the year, we took further steps to enhance our training facilities. After the upgrade of Lai King Training Centre, Kowloon Bay Training Centre has also been undergoing renovation. To offer cutting-edge platform for advancing students’ learning and research experience in fashion creation and technical design, the Authority has upgraded the 3D fashion design facilities via the collaborations with various hardware and software developers.

Harvesting Year

I would like to thank the Government, my fellow members, management team and all staff members for their tireless efforts, dedication and contribution to giving the Authority the current status.  I also want to thank our industry partners and stakeholders for their unfailing support throughout the journey.  I know the Authority will continue working side-by-side with you all to leap forward for another peak of excellence, aiming to be seen as a pioneer of professional training in fashion industry.