Sew So Happy: Sustainable Fashion

Creative fashion repair fun fair Sustainable fashion skills workshop Sustainable fashion competition cum fashion show


2022-08-12 - 09:30


2022-08-12 - 17:00


63 Tai Yip Street Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong   View map



People are increasingly concerned about sustainability and live in a sustainable way. But many just do not know how they can do it especially in a world filled with fast fashion. This project aims to promote the concept of sustainable lifestyle through the introduction of sustainable fashion skills. The skills (recycling and repair) will empower the community members to extend the life of fashion garments in an enjoyable and creative way. A competition with fashion show will showcase their creative works and demonstrate how a sustainable lifestyle can be achieved.

1. To equip community members with sustainable fashion skills in extending life of garments.
2. To raise the awareness of sustainable fashion in the community
3. To establish a platform for community members getting together and sharing a sustainable lifestyle by working on sustainable garments.