Seminar on Sewing Skills & Teaching and Learning cum Most Popular Trainer Award

To bring trainers together for professional learning, sharing teaching experience(s) and sewing techniques exchange.


The Contactless Face Mask Making Course-

The Contactless Face Mask Making Course concluded successfully on 18 Dec 2020. This course attracted a total of 150 students. And thank you for the student’s kindness, they put love into action to benefit the elderly. We have been continuing to receive the fabric face mask. Each of them was beautiful with good finishing.


Favourite Community Partnership Programme 2020 project

Thank you HSBC Hong Kong-based employees voted CITA project: Skilled to Care Hong Kong Mask Making x Virtual Design 2.0 to be one of their favourite
Community Partnership Programme 2020 (CPP) projects.


Contactless Face Mask Making Course

The online course takes the students through the journey of making a fabric face mask. They will donate their own made face mask to Homes for the Aged.


Virtual face mask design competition

Provide an opportunity for the participants to learn the use of the latest 3D fashion design technology
Provide an infinite virtual experimentation space for the participants to develop and test their design ideas and extend their creativity to caring others.


Face Mask Pattern Design Competition 2020

About competition:

QEF Project – Learning STEM Through 3D Virtual Fashion Design

The workshop is developed to let youngsters know about this new trend in the fashion industry and experience how the latest technology brings in a new way of designing fashion.


New course: Browzwear | 3D Fashion Software

The 3D software system “Browzwear” course enables students to learn the basic skills of 3D in the development of garment production.


3D Technology for Fashion Creation_June 2019

This 42-hour course provides students with the basic knowledge and skills in applying 3D CAD software for fashion creation. Through this course, students can learn application of 3D CAD for fashion, 3D operating environment, virtual garment simulation, 3D design features and fitting on virtual mannequin. This course is a registered public training course under RTTP, the approved training grant for each eligible trainee is up toHK$5,133. More details:  Programme details please refer to [...]