Free Webinar: Introduction to Vidya

Digital Fashion Lab (DFL)


2020-05-22 - 11:00


2020-05-22 - 11:30



The Digital Fashion Lab

CITA has established the Digital Fashion Lab (DFL) which houses the latest digital fashion technology like 3D computer-aided-design systems and body scanner.  DFL offers different types of seminars and courses in promoting the use of cutting edge digital technology in enhancing performance and hence competitiveness of the Hong Kong fashion industry.

The Webinar

In the past few decades, different 3D CAD software for virtual garment simulation have been developed from different perspectives and with various objectives.

In this webinar, participants will get to know one of these software – “Vidya”, which is a German brand from Human Solution Group and understand the workflow of virtual garment making in Vidya.


  1. Application of 3D CAD in fashion industry
  2. Functions performed by 3D CAD in product development
  3. Demonstration of Vidya application
  4. Special features of Vidya

The Details

Date / time: 22 May  2020 (11:00am -11:30am)
Target: Those working in fashion industry and would like to know more about 3D fashion CAD.
Fee: Free of charge
Language:  English
Online Platform: Zoom

(You need to  create the Zoom ID
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