To promote the concept of sustainable lifestyles through competitions. Provide applicants with an opportunity to apply their ingenuity to recycle outdated clothing to extend the life of the garment. Finally, a fashion show demonstrates how to live a more sustainable lifestyle while showcasing their creative works.


  • Hong Kong residents aged 14 or above
  • Interested in sustainable fashion design and production
  • Knowledge of clothing recycling and repair techniques
  • Ability to sew garments


Competition Details

Sustainable fashion garment definition and description:
Using an old garment (top or bottom) as the core design idea, candidates must redesign, process, merge additional old garments or other materials onto the old garment in order to produce a sustainable garment through tailoring and sewing.

Uploading images of old garment before and after transformation through online registration form. The entry must be submitted, by post or by hand, by the deadline of submission (i.e. 15 July 2022) to the following address:

Katrina Wong
Training Activities
Clothing Industry Training Authority
3/F, 63 Tai Yip Street
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(The Chinese name of the candidate should be indicated on the back cover of the briefcase.)

Competition period: 5 May 2022 to 15 July 2022

The Authority will contact applicants via phone or email to let them know if they have been successfully shortlisted for the fashion show on 27 July 2022.
Finalists will be responsible for providing their own models for display works. The winners will be announced on the day of the show.

Competition Key Date

15 July 2022 (Fri) – Deadline for submission of competition entries

27 July 2022 (Wed) – Announcement of the shortlist (20 places)

12 August 2022 (Fri) – Sustainable Fashion Competition Awards Ceremony cum Show

List of Finalists (20 places)

Congratulations to all twenty finalists! You will receive a confirmation email on 27 Jul. You’re cordially invited to the pre-show briefing on 2 August .

1. Cheung Shuk Ling (張淑玲 )
2. Chueng Yuen Kei (張畹淇)
3. Chon Tsz Wan Gigi (莊孜韻 )
4. Chow Hang Yi
5. Lam Hei Man (林晞雯 )
6. Lau Yuk Mui (劉玉梅 )
7. Leung Ka Yi (梁嘉怡)
8. Li Lei (李莉 )
9. Lin Ying Yi (林穎怡)
10. Lo Pui Ho (盧佩豪)
11. Ma Mei Kuen (馬美娟)
12. Siu Wai Yi (邵慧儀)
13. So Ling (蘇靈)
14. Tang Lok Ying (鄧樂瑩)
15. Tsoi Wing In Iris (蔡穎妍)
16. Wai Hon Wing (韋漢榮)
17. Wong Catherine (徐嘉心)
18. Wong Sze Ki (王詩淇)
19. Yau Ka Wai (游嘉慧)
20. Yip Yan Kuen Angel (葉恩眷)

Judging Criteria

  1. Originality
  2. Material selection
  3. Appearance
  4. The concept of environmental protection
  5. Tailoring performance



  • HK$2,000 cash and certificate for the champion
  • HK$1,800 cash and certificate for the first runner-up
  • HK$1,600 cash and certificate for the second runner-up
  • $400 cash coupon and certificate for Merit Award (10 places)

Each participant will receive a gift.

For any enquiries, please contact Ms. Wong (2263 6323) or email:

Terms and Conditions

  1. The design works must be new and original. The disputes arising from content or copyright are determined by CITA.
  2. Copyright of all the design works (including physical garments) belong to CITA and the design works will not be returned.
  3. Participants must agree that all the design works are available for exhibition, collection and publicity purposes.
  4. The decision of the judging panel is final. CITA has the right to refuse the works that promote obscene, indecent, violent or non-conforming themes.
  5. The personal data provided by the participants will be used only for this competition.
  6. CITA has the right to change the above rules and information without prior notice.
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