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    Consent on the use of my personal data 同意使用個人資料:

    The personal data provided by means of this form will be used by the Authority for the purpose of administration, evaluation, statistical analysis and management your registration.製衣業訓練局會使用透過本表格上所獲得的個人資料,用於行政、評估、統計分析和處理申請等事宜。

    I agree the Authority to use my personal data (including name, job title, telephone number, postal address and email address) to promote education and training programmes, services, competitions, surveys, events organized / co-organized / supported by the Authority.本人希望貴局使用本人的個人資料(包括姓名、職稱、電話號碼、地址和電郵地址),以發放關於貴局主辦/協辦/支持的教育及培訓課程、服務、比賽、問卷調查、活動事宜之用。

    The above represents your present choice whether or not to receive promotional materials of the Authority. This replaces any choice communicated by you to the Authority prior to this application. You may, at any time, choose not to receive marketing literature by emailing us to 以上代表 閣下目前就是否希望收到本局推廣資訊的選擇,並取代 閣下於本申請前向本局傳達的任何選擇。您可隨時電郵至 取消這項接受宣傳資料服務的安排。.


    Note: You will receive a confirmation email for successful application.