[New Course] Dressmaking II: Fashion Garment (Own basic style)

This is a small class designed course for students, They will start by sketching their design (basic style of their choice). Based on their design and size, they will do the measurement and basic block adjustment . They will then move to fabric cutting and sewing up. At last, they will finish or embellish according [...]

[New Course] Dressmaking I: Fashion Garment (Given style)

Course Content This course brings students through the whole fashion garment making process. Students will start from a fashion style and work on the basic block pattern. By adjusting the block pattern, they will be able to make a fashion garment of their size. They will then move to fabric cutting and sewing up.  In [...]

[New Course] Pillowcase Making

This course aims to equip students with essential sewing skills by making up two pillowcases. Course Content Students will make two types of pillowcases. 1. Zipped inner pillowcase with the fabric (Evolon® ) of anti-mite function (certified european standard); 2. Outer pillowcase with soft fabric (students can add limited own design) Requirement Completed Basic Sewing [...]

[New Course] Advanced Hand-stitch Design Project

Students will learn some advanced hand stitch techniques and use the techniques to design and create their hand embroidery projects. Course Content • Learn advance hand stitch techniques • Draft the hand stitch layout • Create your own hand embroidery project *Image for reference only Details Date: 1st Class: 15 Jun (Tue) 2nd Class: 26 [...]

[New course] Basic Sewing Skill

This course aims to equip students with basic skills in using industrial sewing machines. Students will learn to apply sewing machines in sewing different seams and stitches. There are plenty of hands-on practices in the class. Course Content Operate a single needle lock-stitch machine; Sew basic seams and stitches; Operate a overlock sewing machine Practice [...]

[New course] Origami Tote Bag Making

This course aims to equip students with essential sewing skills by making up an origami tote bag. Course Content In this course, students will apply the origami technique and sewing skill to make a tote bag. Students can create their own design by combining fabrics of different patterns. Requirement Completed Basic Sewing Courses or equivalent [...]

[Online course] Origami Tote Bag Making

This course takes the students through the journey of making an origami tote bag. Students will get the origami tote bag making materials before the course starts. In this online course, they will see the demonstration and follow the instructions of the instructor in sewing the bag. Students will be able to ask questions and [...]

Foundation Certificate in Clothing Alteration Techniques (Part-time)

Please refer to the Chinese version for more information.

[New course] Real x Virtual Fashion Sample: Showcasing how digital technologies accelerate the process of product development

This programme is subject to approval by the VTC under the Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP). More details: Workshop aims The workshop aims to show how digital technologies help in accelerating the sample making process. It brings to the participants an experience of producing a real 3D fashion sample from a 2D sketch [...]