Real x Virtual Fashion Sample: Showcasing how digital technologies accelerate the process of product development

This programme is subject to approval by the VTC under the Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP)  More details:  Workshop aims The workshop aims to show how digital technologies help in accelerating the sample making process. It brings to the participants an experience of producing a real 3D fashion sample from a 2D sketch [...]

Bucket Hat Making

The course takes the students through the journey of making a bucket hat. Student will see the demonstration and follow the instructions of the instructor in sewing the hat. Content Introduction to a bucket hat Techniques of sewing round shape of hat and interlining Sew up a bucket hat Requirement Completed CITA sewing courses or [...]

[Online course] Hand-stitch Baby Wrap

The course aims to guide mothers through the creation and making of a baby wrap memory set for new born babies.  The baby wrap memory set includes two parts: (1) a baby wrap hand made by their mothers; and (2) a baby wrap memory box housing the used wrap with a unique background (including an [...]

[Online course] Hand-stitch design project

The course is composed of two parts: (1) basic hand stitches and (2) hand stitch design project.  In Part 1, students will learn the basic hand stitches and work on small hand stitch projects through live show.  In Part 2, students will be guided to create their own design on their own garments by using [...]

Digital Cosplay Costume

Objectives The course provides cosplay fans training on the making of costumes for three popular characters. It will include a basic training on the operation of 3D software, application of software in making 3D costumes, fitting of costumes on the popular characters. Students will learn through demonstration by the instructor, practices and project on their [...]

[Online course] Tailor-made Fabric Face Mask Making

The course takes the students through the journey of making a customised fabric face mask from scratch.  Students will get the face mask making materials before the course time.  In the online course, they will see the demonstration and follow the instructions of the instructor in creating a pattern and sewing a customised fabric face [...]

Clothing Alteration – Jeans

Please refer to the Chinese version for details. Enquiry Contact Person Miss Chan Phone 2263 6340 Email

Sustainable Fashion Making Workshop

Do you want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and make your wardrobe more sustainable? This workshop  provides you some ideas and techniques as to do it. We apply the concepts of Reduce – Recycle – Repair in reducing waste when making fashionable yet sustainable garments. Reduce sessions: We used to have much wastage in the [...]

Creative Hand Embroidery Workshop

Upon completion of the workshop, students would create their own designed hand embroidery on a garment or fabric. Students could choose to study both morning and afternoon sessions or either one session. (You may bring your own garment.) The workshop is composed of two sessions: 3-Hour Morning Session: You will learn the basic hand embroidery [...]

Stitch Your Design: Virtual X Real

About the workshop    In this workshop, you will design a fashion garment and stitch it up. With the help of 3D software, you will experience the process in a very short period of time. Technology you will learn: 3D fashion software (basic operation and 3D design) Traditional fashion garment making techniques (fabric cutting, garment [...]