shoemaking 1

The lecturers of shoemaking and leather are the most experienced in Hong Kong. They aim to share with you their passion, professional knowledge of leather and skill of making shoes in the footwear workshop.

Course CodeCourse NameDurationStart Date
FEW Footwear Extension Workshop12 sessions, (3 hours/session)
19K SHO4 061Footwear Leather8 sessions (2.5 hours/session) and
1-day leather factory visit in China (9 hours)
(Attendance at this visit is not necessary for completing this course.)
19K SB 071Handmade Footwear : Short Boots10 sessions (3 or 4 hours/session)2019-07-29
19K LCW 071 Leather Craft (Wallet)2 sessions (3 hours/session)2019-07-19
19K LHDM 061Leather Handbag Design and Making8 sessions (2.5 hours / session)2019-06-18
19K LHM 071Leather Handbag Making3 sessions (3 hours / session)2019-07-11
LSM Leather Sandal Making2 sessions (3 hours/session)
19K SHO1 051 Practical Shoemaking22 sessions (2.5 or 3 hours/session)2019-05-27