Kinds of Personal Data held by CITA

There are three general categories of personal data held by CITA. Those categories comprise personal data contained in:

Student information, which include records containing information supplied by data subjects and data users and collected in connection with student applications, students, former students, contacts and marketing activities undertaken by or on behalf of CITA.

Personnel information, which include personal particulars, job descriptions, details of compensation and benefits, performance appraisals, references and disciplinary matters relating to job applicants, employees and former employees of CITA.

Other records, which include administration and other files, containing personal data provided to CITA by individuals for purposes other than those connected with students, contacts, marketing or employment.

Main Purposes of CITA for keeping Personal Data

The main purposes for which personal data is held by CITA are as follows:

Student records are kept for purposes that include corresponding with, responding to and taking follow-up action in respect of students, contacts and promotional activities.

Personnel records of employees are kept for human resource management purposes, relating to such matters as statutory requirements, employees’ terms of employment, performance appraisal, providing references, discipline and termination.

Other records are kept to enable CITA to carry out various functions and activities which vary according to the nature of the purpose for which such records are to be used, including administration of the CITA’s functions and activities, seeking advice on operational matters, undertaking promotional and training activities organized by, or on behalf of, CITA, including the acquisition of services and handling of enquiries from members of the public.

Personal Data Policies and Practices

CITA’s personal data policies and practices are those that comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance that are contained in this Statement and any other notices relating to personal data, being policies and practices as are in force and as amended from time to time.

Data subjects are entitled to request CITA to grant access and correction of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance for which CITA may impose a fee to access.