Computer and digital technology

CITA digital fashion labs have hosted different types of 2D and 3D software systems. Lessons conducted in the labs will bring to you experiences of applying digital technology in fashion creation which range from design to pattern drafting and virtual sample development.

Course Code Course Name Duration Start Date Difficulty Level
21K MDP 061 [New course] Making Digital Patterns on 3D Software Platform 15-hour lectures and projects & 9-hour self-practice sessions 2021-06-07 N/A
21K BRW 041 Browzwear | 3D Fashion Software 18-hour lectures and projects & 12-hour self-practice sessions 2021-04-28 N/A
21K FDE3 051 CAD for Fashion Design and Merchandising – Full 10 sessions (2.5 hours/session) 2021-05-24 N/A
21K VGC 051 CLO | 3D Fashion Software – Full 18-hour lectures and projects & 12-hour self-practice sessions 2021-05-04 N/A
PAT8 Computer Application in Pattern Design, Grading and Marker Planning 10 sessions (2.5 hours/session) N/A
21K DCP 071 Digital Cosplay Costume 6 sessions (3 hours/session) 2021-07-06 N/A